Easy Tips and Tricks for House Cleaning

We know how tiresome it is to clean the house on a regular basis, so we are sharing some very useful domestic cleaning tips to make your cleaning chores easier.

Carpet Cleaning

Softer Carpet. One easy way to achieve a softer feel for your carpet is to use water softener. It removes minerals that make the carpet feel coarse. It also de-ionizes the water and boosts the effects of the chemicals and leaves you with a carpet that feels soft just the way you want it.

Nail Polish Removal. The quickest thing you can use to deal with a nail polish on your carpet is a nail carpet remover. Find a nail remover and some cotton balls. Don’t rub it in, just blot until you remove all of the nail polish.

Wax Removal. Wait until the wax hardens, then get a butter knife and start scraping it all off until you remove most of it. For the wax residues left on your carpet, get an old dish towel and place it over the wax. Then grab your flat iron and start ironing over it.

Wine Stains. Got red wine spills on your carpet? Treat them with vinegar. Pour some vinegar over and start blotting. Don’t wait until the red wine stain dries because it might be very tough to remove.

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Wrinkle-free Ties. In order to get wrinkles out of your ties, roll them up at the end and let them sit over night.

Deodorant smell on clothes. You can remove deodorant from clothing by rubbing nylon tights or dryer sheets over the stain.

Gum on clothes. Boil some vinegar and pour it on the gum. Then get a brush and use it to wipe off of the gum. It will come off instantly.

Kitchen Cleaning

Easy house cleaning. Put aluminum foil over the stove whenever you’re cooking for a fast easy clean up.

Disinfect your sponge. When boiling water to make tea, boil extra and use it to disinfect your sponge.

Want More Tips?

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