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Unit 4 Barnet Lane
High Barnet
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 3322 1702

Use the phone or email to contact us about any cleaning service you are interested in. We will be sure to provide you with the requested information as promptly as possible. We are positive that we can contact you back the same day or at the next day at the very least. A free, non-obligation quote can be included in our response.

Our customer service is very good in that we take extra time to fully understand all requirements by the client. You won’t ever have to listen to needless questions and extra details about your query. Once you contact us, you can expect a quick and on the point-response, which is exactly what you need.

You can also use the contact form you see below. It is very easy for use, as it only requires your name, email, phone number (optional) and your enquiry. Just like with the phone and email, you can use the contact form for anything related to our company and our service.